Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

Recently I meet a successful businesswoman named Susan in one of the networking events. She asked me, “What are you passionate about?” I told her I am passionate about helping innocent women and children of war. She looked at me in a strange way and she said why? I replied because, It is a MIRACLE that I … Read more

Being really successful in your life and career depends on you knowing your true value. Your true value has nothing to do with your bank account, your physical owned assets or what others think about you. Your true value is what you think about yourself! What kind of a person are you? How do you … Read more

So why are people difficult? They’ve learned being difficult works  These people are rewarded consistently by everyone because they know if they remain difficult, they win  We have let them learn – aggressive people can manipulate us by using anger and fear  We also reward these people by letting them use their anger and our … Read more

On May 10, 2013, I introduced “Making a Difference in this World – You Matter” on my talk show Visions of Success. I introduced “Immersion Radio” where you, as the interviewee, participated in the show virtually and still can. A lot of you are wondering, what I can do to make a difference in this … Read more