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About Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky, CMCP

DocFred, with over 35 years of business experience in multi-disciplinary consulting, has successfully coached over 750 individuals, at all levels, in 6 countries; USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, and China, and improved revenues, lowered recurring costs, and enhanced employee engagement to the tune of over $17 million for some of the best companies in America in the last 14 years alone. Through DocFred’s both strategic and operational, full-cycle approach; to individuals, groups, and companies, as an organizational/employee/management development and learning professional and certified master coach, he attains his self-actualization from assisting individuals, groups, teams, leaders, and organizations, of all sizes, attain excellence and sustained growth through everyone, at every level, understanding the shared Visions of Success individuals, groups, and companies all need to have in their DNA to attain excellence.

Success always comes from the strangest places. On the day I lost my full-time job this summer, I quietly walked out with a plan already established. As a competitive speaker, I wrote this short narrative on the day it happened. “Have you ever imagined your own funeral? Who will do your eulogy? Who will be … Read more

Recently I meet a successful businesswoman named Susan in one of the networking events. She asked me, “What are you passionate about?” I told her I am passionate about helping innocent women and children of war. She looked at me in a strange way and she said why? I replied because, It is a MIRACLE that I … Read more

Being a single mother in Africa is a choice most mothers never planned for compared to single mothers in the western world. In Africa, most single mothers are forced out of marriage due to domestic violence, wife battering, abuse and other kinds of marriage problems. While these women battle to sustain their battered lives and … Read more

Horatio Alger themes for success in your life and career: Luck and Pluck Struggling Upward Helping Yourself Making your way Strive and Succeed Facing the world All it takes is Hard Work Will Insure Success? How you may feel: You have had the benefit of better education and better jobs than your parents. Your success … Read more

Communicating effectively is shared meaning and understanding. It’s a process of passing information and understanding. A Communication Model: Barriers to Effective Communication Semantics – when the meaning of a message differs from sender to receiver. Example, jargon used by computer programmers i.e. CPUs, TSO, VTAM. Who understands any of that stuff? Only programmers. Selective Listening … Read more

Being really successful in your life and career depends on you knowing your true value. Your true value has nothing to do with your bank account, your physical owned assets or what others think about you. Your true value is what you think about yourself! What kind of a person are you? How do you … Read more

Smile Be Grateful Give Hugs Give Love List your successes Appreciate the small things in life Improve your health Face your fears Get out of the house Know your “self” Smiles are contagious.  When you smile, others will smile with you.  When you teach yourself the habit of smiling, it will change your entire focus.  … Read more

(an article published HR/PC Quarterly, volume 13.2, winter 1997) Recently I was asked the question, “Whose theory of Performance/Training Management do you subscribe to?” I was taken by surprise and wondered if the individual had read the background information sent to her. If she had read the data carefully, she should have known that, having … Read more

So why are people difficult? They’ve learned being difficult works  These people are rewarded consistently by everyone because they know if they remain difficult, they win  We have let them learn – aggressive people can manipulate us by using anger and fear  We also reward these people by letting them use their anger and our … Read more

  You will learn: 1- Why it is vital for females to be SELF RELIANT while waiting for or wanting marriage 2- Discouraging the tradition that being single is being a FAILURE in life. 3- The importance of singles acquiring functional SKILLS 4- And much, much more… Starting today at (Takes a minute to … Read more