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DocFred, with over 35 years of business experience in multi-disciplinary consulting, has successfully coached over 750 individuals, at all levels, in 6 countries; USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, and China, and improved revenues, lowered recurring costs, and enhanced employee engagement to the tune of over $17 million for some of the best companies in America in the last 14 years alone. Through DocFred’s both strategic and operational, full-cycle approach; to individuals, groups, and companies, as an organizational/employee/management development and learning professional and certified master coach, he attains his self-actualization from assisting individuals, groups, teams, leaders, and organizations, of all sizes, attain excellence and sustained growth through everyone, at every level, understanding the shared Visions of Success individuals, groups, and companies all need to have in their DNA to attain excellence.

Everyone has a story, talents, abilities, skills to share! Everyone wants to know they matter and wants to make a difference in this world! So what are you waiting for? You can’t make a difference in this world if not enough people even know of you! I am the Emily Award winning Host of the … Read more

It always amazes me how we look for complicated ways to resolve challenges in the US and find someone to blame when there are simple solutions and no one to blame. I know I may be naïve but think about this: The Drought We have the 2 largest coast lines in the world, probably, and … Read more

Being really successful in your life and career depends on you knowing your true value. Your true value has nothing to do with your bank account, your physical owned assets or what others think about you. Your true value is what you think about yourself! What kind of a person are you? How do you … Read more

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(an article published HR/PC Quarterly, volume 13.2, winter 1997) Recently I was asked the question, “Whose theory of Performance/Training Management do you subscribe to?” I was taken by surprise and wondered if the individual had read the background information sent to her. If she had read the data carefully, she should have known that, having … Read more

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I (Leni) was walking on the hill one morning after having a little spat with someone I love very much. My eyes were to the ground and my thoughts were angry and racing. I felt unfairly attacked and resentful. All of a sudden, a woman came charging down the hill with her dog. I’d never … Read more

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