Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges


From Dr. Jeff Rosenberg, featured guest on Visions of Success- July 10, 2015:

I was recently privileged to be a guest on Dr. Fred’s radio show Vision of Success.
Not only was Dr. Fred completely engaged in my topic but his depth and understanding from my point of view as well as a patients was completely unique and shows that he truly cares about his listeners. His calm demeanor made it as if we were old friends meeting for the first time in years. I can’t wait to be a guest of his again.

From Tom Northrop of The Thinking Corporation & featured guest on Visions of Success- 6/9/2015:

Thank you for including us on your show.  Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way.  Your interviewing skills and enthusiasm is unparalleled.

From David Frood, Australia, Visions of Success Featured Guest 1/22/2015:

What a great experience to do another interview with Dr Fred. The depth of his life experience, positive outlook and compassion make him powerful and unique. I recommend that anyone seeking to promote an idea that can contribute to a better world should contact Dr Fred.

From Maribel Jimenez, Dream Launch Mentor 12/31/2014:

I want to thank you for joining my community at some point over the last 4 years.

I’m full of gratitude that you are a part of making my dreams come true of creating a business online sharing my passion of marketing and how to create a business using your talents and gifts.

YOU, DocFred, have gifts/talents that nobody else in the world has…because we all are created differently. There is nobody in the world exactly like you, so whether you acknowledge it or not – you have uniqueness that is valuable in the marketplace.

From Raven Blair Davis, Careers from the Kitchen Table Maven & Peggy Knudson – 8/30/2014:
Fred, your interview with Dr. Fay Butler, on 8/29/2014 on the Amazing Men of Power, was fantastic – you are such a natural radio host!  Way to go!  Keep up the incredible job you are doing with your show!

From Roger Laidig: author Finding Purpose and Joy, It’s a Journey – 8/26/2014:
“Thanks Fred.  You are a top notch interviewer!  I really do appreciate the opportunity that you gave me to be a guest on Visions of Success Talk Radio”.

From Tom (2Tall) Cummingham of Journey To Sucess Radio- 1/13/2014: “Working with DocFred is a pleasure! Our interview was as if I was having a drink with a long time friend about the experiences we’ve had that led to the work we do today. I always learn from his incredible experiences and would recommend DocFred to anyone”.

From Bill Farr, the founder of The Art of Unity and author of  “The Power of Personality Types in Love and Relationships.”, on September 19, 2013: “Working with DocFred is a pleasure! Our interview was as if I was having a drink with a long time friend about the experiences we’ve had that led to the work we do today. I always learn from his incredible experiences and would recommend DocFred to anyone”.

From Jacqui IWU of Simple & Happy, in Nigeria, a group being featured on his talk, Visions of Success Talk Radio,  on April 5, 2013:   “Dr. Fred Simkovsky is one talented and versatile personality when it comes to Business/Career/Lifestyle Coaching and SUCCESS.

It is not just enough to read his profile, on LinkedIn, but when you interact and talk with him, you will understand how highly intelligent, articulate, and proactive he is in his Profession.

As the host of Visions of Success Talk Show, you will be amazed listening to the variety of world wide Business/Career Interviews on his shows and how PASSIONATE he is in helping people to achieve great heights of Business Growth, Success, Fulfillment.”

I think he is a GENIUS in his field of work!!!! When you work with him, you will definitely want to be good friends with him!!”

From Derrick Sweet, Chairman of Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: “I’ve had the opportunity to hear Dr. Fred Simkovsky speak on the topic of transformation and peak performance on a number of occasions. He is not only an amazing presenter, he really knows his stuff! Einstein said, “If it’s not simple, then the teacher doesn’t know it.” Each time I hear Fred speak I’m in awe of his ability to put such profound ideas into such simplistic language!”

From Akihiro Kim in Tokyo, Japan being coached in management and team development: “The exercises were very interesting and helped in understanding the theory. Dr. Simkovsky approached our sessions with great enthusiasm and humor. The mix or cultural viewpoints could have been a stumbling block for a less attentive coach yet Dr. Simkovsky devoted great concern to making sure I was able to follow his explanations and join in many discussions with my team”

Kelee Kwang participating in career coaching in Shanghai, China: “It was the first time for me to attend this kind of personal attention. Actually, I thought the sessions would be much more intense and full of theories, but what Dr. Simkovsky taught and worked with me was down-to-earth and easy to comprehend. There are many things that I could learn which I think I will be able to try to practice right after my sessions with Dr. Simkovsky.”

SAP Labs: Montreal, Canada: “I have just completed the Team Development group program this week. It was excellent. Fred is down-to-earth, has a wealth of helpful day to day advice and delivers it with energy and enthusiasm unmatched by anyone else in this organization (SAP Labs). Even in the face of all the problems Labs has faced over the past year, Fred is full of optimism and succeeds in motivating every individual in the group. We are incredibly lucky to have Fred! He is the kind of person that can help us to change and become more successful as an organization. He knows how to motivate people. That is what is needed here right now.”

Waldorf, Germany: “This is one of the best group development classes I have had in a very long time. It is very largely thanks to Fred’s style, huge knowledge and experience in this area. Fred really knows what he is talking about and that means that you pay attention and learn lots in the class. Thanks, Fred!”

Chicago, IL: “Coaching and Mentoring both individually and in group has improved 200% since Fred took over. Thanks to Fred and his wealth of knowledge, experience, and great humor”

Palo Alto, California: “The best organizational development programs and infrastructure in my long SAP career so far. Congrats!”

Metrocities Mortgage: “Not only has Fred created and delivered dynamite programs but he has done a great job finding different ways to deliver the interventions and programs. I especially like the web-based, video/audio, coaching, and mentoring, and e-learning options that allow you to participate in the training as your schedule permits.”

Ed Lando, Partner (owner, Talent Strategies): “I sincerely believe you are one of the best professionals I have worked with.  In your field, no one close, but overall as well.”

Pierre Khawand , Founder & CEO, People-OntheGo Technologies LLC: “Fred is an expert in the organizational development arena, having led significant initiatives at large and small teams throughout his career. I saw Fred build the Organizational Development/Learning function at Metrocities quickly and effectively, bringing the team and the company to a whole new level, utilization the latest learning technologies, revamping existing content, and creating an intensive program with new compelling content. Fred is very practical and straight forward in his approach, and practices open and direct communication.” June 14, 2008

Matthew Dalton , First Vice President, Marketing, Metrocities Mortgage: “Fred always shows poise and professionalism. His vast and diverse experience, acumen, and insight have proved invaluable; and his training is always engaging. Fred is a great person to seek senior-level advice from as well. He’s an intelligent, objective sounding board. I would highly recommend him.” December 7, 2007

Debbie Hori , HR Director, Metrocities Mortgage: “Fred excels at building programs that strategically meet our company’s needs. He’s proactive about prioritizing needs, and implements new programs quickly and efficiently. As a leader, coach, and mentor, Fred’s depth of knowledge and sense of humor is engaging; participants report that his sessions are extremely beneficial to their professional growth.” December 7, 2005

Monika Miles , Owner, Labhart Miles Consulting Group: “I very much enjoyed working with Fred. He throws himself into whatever he puts his mind to, and above all cares about the people he works with. As a coach, mentor, training professional, he took personal interest in his charges and continually improved upon the programs to make certain that participants gained the maximum benefit. He also has a great sense of humor and is easy too work with.” March 26, 2008

Jerry McCreary , Head of Human Resources, SAP: “Fred joined SAP at the beginning of a growth curve from 140 to 1200 employees. He built a Management, Employee, and OD function. He drove change with his “Managing Effectively” & “Pay for Performance” series to name just 2 programs. He is a one stop professional – evaluating needs, developing and delivering. He developed objective metrics & minimized costs. Fred raises the bar for professionals. March 8, 2005

A personal note from Jerry McCreary, Head of Human Resources, SAP (former manager & colleague): “You helped me beyond what we got done.  Maybe I had a little vision but without you (Fred) it would have never gotten any traction at SAP. You influenced and taught me valuable things (and that in itself is not easy to do) and they have had a lasting effect.  Opening the heart and taking risks, opens the mind and accomplishing great things.  Thanks for taking risks with me. Still have much to learn and the progress most likely is not as good without you by my side.”