Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

You need to make this year “Your Year to Shine”. Why this year especially? We all know there is a lot of negativity going on around us daily. It is easy to fall into the negativity trap. Once you’re trapped, you won’t accomplish everything you want to accomplish. You get depressed, sad and lazy. So let’s start on living positively! How?

  • Volunteer to an organization (s) that helps others. Helping others and bringing joy to others is the simplest way to be more positive.
  • Communicate with friends, relatives, and acquaintances in positive ways. Find out how they are doing? How can you assist them, if you can? Just let them know you are around and there to help as best you can.
  • Stop reliving the negative stuff in your life! Let go of the baggage. You can’t change the past but learn from it.
  • Learn how and practice managing conflict is really number one.
  • Probably the most important thing to remember- Treat everyone with Respect and Dignity! Maximizing positive conflict.
  • Make sure everything ends up in a Win-Win situation and result. Give a little to get a lot.

Next- you need a plan of attack to be proactive so you can shine. How to start?

  • Write down your positive talents, abilities, experiences and relationships with others.
  • Write down all those negative aspects in your life that are holding you back.
  • Really understand what works for you and others you touch and what doesn’t.
  • Get someone you trust to be a sounding board to review with you the positives and negatives you listed.

Once you’ve done that, now you can start to plan:

Step 1: is to determine “how can I make sure all positives are accentuated daily and utilized efficiently?” Who is there that can assist you in improving? Write it all down!

Step 2: is to determine “how can I minimize all negatives daily and do that efficiently with far less stress?” Who is there that can assist you in minimizing negatives? Write it down!

Step 3: sit with your-someone and review your plan so far and how they can assist you in your quest to shine and are there others that can join in and assist you?

Step 4: set milestones and dates when you are going to review your progress and how you need to  tweak the plan to make the plan most effective?

Step 5: plan on taking time daily to sit down and smell the roses and review how you did today and how you can do better tomorrow?

Step 6: talk to that someone daily if necessary!

In all this you need to have goals- SMART goals that will actually work for you!

They need to be





Time bound

Goals need specificity, be easily measurable and can be written down to review daily. How are you going to be accountable and how can other people assist you with your accountability? The goals must be realistic not “pie-in-the-sky” out of reach and totally unattainable by you or anyone else. Finally, they must have set times to check progress and make tweaks.  That’s what SMART goals are all about.

Your Year to Shine is now! You need to start living your dreams. You need to sit down and visualize, in your mind, what success will look like! Just like the down-hill skier who visualizes the course he or she will follow, getting to acknowledge the terrain and putting all that info into their brains to bring out when they need it. If you can visualize success, you will attain it.

This is a lot to think about but you need to start today! If you need assistance:

Contact me, Dr Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky and we’ll talk. Your only cost is your time!

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So get moving on This is Your Year to Shine!

Hope to talk with you soon!

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