Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

Wow! This year has flown by! We all have great stuff to be thankful for and some sad stuff to remember and reflect upon.

First the sad stuff to file away for remembrance and love:

I bet a lot of us lost loved ones this past year. I lost my older sister. She died of cancer. My brother and I are the only ones of our family of six still alive. It hurts but we know they are in heaven and their trials and tribulations are over and they are in God’s loving care.

Even now we know friends or relatives dealing with illnesses. We all pray for them daily and I know God is listening because he/she had heard our prayers and it has helped.

Now the great stuff: This year for Visions of Success has been spectacular! We have had 27+ fantastic, inspiring, and motivating guests, plus returning ones, on the show in these past 12 months. They have been from all over the world. Our listeners in 157 countries, 4.7+ millions of them and growing have had a treat and they continuously let us know how much they appreciate our efforts.

Here are some of them to recap:


Danny Creed on A LIFE BEST LIVED: A story of Life, Death and Second Chances

Alli Mang on Are you looking for a job right now? Have you been Downsized?


Gregg Korrol on The Gifted Story Teller

Howard Lee on Working out your Destiny in the face of fear


Rev. Rhonda (Roni) Lipstein on Mobilizing our Global Human Family to Create the World we All wish to be

Rocky Krogfoss on Message of Hope- Emotional Healing Therapy


Tina Hobson on Challenges to Triumph by Helping Others

Tana Heminsley on How healing Childhood Trauma will support authentic leadership

Ann (Elizabeth) Burnett on Promoting Respect


Tiana Sanchez on UPside of Failure

James Capra on Raising Courageous Children in a Cowardly Culture!


Zsolt Bicskey on The Xanadu Code

Justin Brown on UGH!?! Not Another Diversity Book


Jay Floyd on Life is a Parade. How do we all affect one another

Elysia Stobbe on Success+Passion+Contribution=Fullfillment of Purpose

Deborah Owen on Control, Connect, and Conduct; The 3 Steps to Success for Raising Great Kids

Sandra Smith on All About Inbound Marketing


Algeria Meszaros on Why We Need Alternative Medicine!

Beverley Golden on Nature Can Heal Humanity

Laura Marinescu on Reprogramming your subconscious mind for achieving goals


Viki Heagy on Anti-bullying

Gaurav Bhalla on Awakening A Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems


Charlotte Howard on Creating a Confident, Successful New Business

Lisa Marie Rosati on Living a Magical & Empowered Goddess Lifestyle


Dr. Lisa Hamm on LEADERSHIP AT LAST: What do leaders need today?

Paul Gray on Unconditional Love, Acceptance, and Value

Meridith Powell on The Incredible Gift of Struggle

Want to hear them again? Go to and at the top, click on Visions of Success. From the drop down menu, choose “Current programs” and listen to all of them at your leisure.

I want to thank all my guests, loyal weekly listeners, family, friends, and all those others in earshot for making my show a great success and assisting me in Making a True Difference in this World and knowing we all matter!

Want to be a guest to be interviewed? The only cost is your time. At my website, at the top, go to Contact. On that page is a link to my scheduler. Click on it and schedule a call. Let’s talk real soon.

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