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Being a great consultant, leader, or manager has nothing to do with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), job titles or descriptions, or step-action-charts. Why? On my first day of my first job back in 1966, I was given my SOP, Job title and description, and step-action-charts older than dirt. This was 1966. The last date of revisions of about all of it was 1947, when I was born! The SOP was even older. You talk about outdated! It was all ancient history. Forget about all this ancient history. I am going to talk about no theory, or lists or checks lists, or steps to take. I am going to talk about using your own common sense.

Being a great consultant, leader, or manager is about only one thing-PEOPLE! The people, the individuals, get the job done and get results. It’s about everyone making a difference in this world and all know they matter. You aren’t going to find that in SOP, job descriptions, or step-action-charts.

The bottom line is it’s about:


The true ARs in life whether it is your life, job, or family, is about people!

When each of us know our ARs, we can move mountains and make miracles happen! Let me give you how I move(d) mountains and try(tried) to make miracles happen.

As a consultant I was asked to go into organizations to help them improve and/or save money. I did this by asking as many open-ended questions I could think of. Open-ended questions are used because I always wanted more than yes or no answers. I always talk to individuals who do the work.

The questions:

  • What do you do daily? Tell me everything you do but don’t tell me your job title or description. I want to know what you actually do daily.
  • Why do you do these things the way you do them? The answer is always either; that’s the way they taught me, or we’ve always done it this way.
  • Lastly, how would you do the job if it were up to you? How much in dollars and/or time would it save anyone?

Make sure you are taking copious notes and asking additional questions for clarification.

These questions got me all I needed to know about individuals, teams, groups, or companies. I got to know the ARs of the individuals, teams, groups, and companies.

I recapped all the ARs from all the info the people gave me into broader categories so I could come up with a results oriented plan of action for everyone. I would present them to the heads with dollar economies if they existed which they always did.

The first question the heads asked were “How did you get all this info?”  I told them I spoke to their people. They couldn’t believe it.

It is all about people again; their likes, dislikes, their perspectives, experiences, their knowledge, skills, and abilities. One size, one SOP, one job description, one step-action-chart does not fit all. We are all different and unique. All of us were hired or used because of our likes, dislikes, their perspectives, experiences, their knowledge, skills, and abilities.

It is really about how we each can make a difference in this world so we know we matter.

Now I know what you are going to say! If everyone is doing their own thing, their own way it will be chaos. But I have found not so. Let me give you my experience.

When I was in the US Army, I went through basic training like everyone does. It gets you physically fit and to learn team work. You do get it. Then you go to whatever advanced training you were enrolled in. The interesting part about the military life is that it is not as regimental as people believe. Yes you have a chain of command. You need to follow the rules. But when you are working day to day, no one stands over you (combat is different. I’m not talking about combat). You carry out your work as it works for you. Yes there are SOPs, regulations but I never saw a step-action-chart or job description for the 3 years and 3 different stations I worked in. You mostly learned as you went as things changed or didn’t change. It does work. I went in as a private E1 and rose to sergeant E5 in 3 years.

Why does it work? It works because everyone knows their role, duties and the results needed in other words, we all knew our ARs. You are instructed to do the job. Then it is really how much you, as an individual, want to make a difference. When you make a different, you get promoted ala my example.

Being a great consultant, leader, or manager is not about giving orders and being an overseer. It is about being an advisor, mentor, example, guide, and confidant and being around when people need help and ask for it. When you become and practice these roles, I just mentioned, you actually motivate and inspire individuals because you have given them a reason to look up to you and want to work for you and with you.

I make a difference in this world, and have over the years, because I practice these roles in life, family and work, in everything I do. Once you are making a difference in this world, people will notice and you can be sure you’ll know you matter because they’ll come to you for guidance, suggestions, and leadership and mentorship.

Over my 45 +years of working with individuals, teams, groups, and companies a few thousand people told me and showed me how I matter because they were not only coworkers but friends and companions. There is nothing so satisfying in life than knowing you’ve helped and assisted others to be successful.

It is about others and not yourself. When you get that and understand that is about others, that’s when you are a Being a Great Consultant, Leader, Manager.

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