Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges

Our lives are partly determining for ourselves “what is true and what is false”. Recognizing the difference can make a great deal of difference in our happiness and satisfaction with our lives. But our environment and our culture can and does truly affect us. Let me expound-

No matter what type of media we utilize, we are bombarded by sales pitches which are self-serving garbage. Who are the people doing the surveys, the polls, the studies? We usually have no idea. That clouds what we know as “true and false”.

Let me give you some examples:

  • Food companies and suppliers are the biggest criminals in the falsehood.
    1. Chicken for example: we have regular chicken, free-ranged chicken, regular eggs and now cage-free eggs?
    2. Chickens eat anything they can peck at even their own feces. Being maintained in pens by the hundreds at a shot is no good. They die and cause decease in themselves. So we now let them roam free-ranged. But where? Since they peck and eat anything, we have no idea what they may be eating and how large the range is and where. They could be ranging in a field with pesticides and weed killer that the grass contains and they can eat grass also. How does that make them better?
    3. I want to know who cages eggs and now we have cage-free eggs. DUH? STUPID?
  • Next is “No GMOs” (genetically modified organism). If you didn’t know, all crops have been genetically modified for decades to get bigger crops thanks to our government trying to manipulate prices. So the corporate farms prosper and the small farmers have been squeezed out. Ever notice that “NON GMO” food cost more! They did nothing to it but charge us more. DUH!
  • Now there is “Gluten free” food. Less than 1% of the population is allergic to Gluten. If you’ve been tested by an allergist, you would know if you are allergic. Most food doesn’t contain Gluten. But you pay more for “gluten free” food. Scientifically, we actually need some Gluten in our diet unless you are allergic.
  • Then there is “Whole Grain” food. These foods, mostly cereals, actually contain more sugar and sodium than we should be consuming. But again we pay more for the same food that has always been whole grain.
  • “Organic” is the real rip off. All food, if not processed and is natural, is “organic” if it has been grown. DUH! There have been e-coli and salmonella poisoning in “organic” food recently. It is also a fact that organic growers still use “natural” stuff to protect their crops. So it is not really as chemical free as you would think. But we pay more for it.
  • Anything with “Diet” labeled has all sorts of other crap in it you shouldn’t take in e.g. artificial sweeteners. But again we pay more for all of it. Most “Diet” stuff is loaded with sodium. We pay more for stuff because they left something out! How does that work?
  • Lastly, there is coffee, wine, red meat, and eggs which for a few years were deemed bad for us because rats, overdosed on the food, died. Really? Overdose any living thing with anything and it will die even too much water can kill you. Now we can eat eggs again but only the whites (how boring with no taste), wine is good for us, red meat is ok again because somehow the ranchers raise cattle differently, and coffee is also good today. The fact that too much of any of this is bad and using common sense in moderation eludes us apparently. Coffee still has caffeine and too much will kill you. Eggs still have protein and too much can still kill you. Wine too much will kill your liver and because you drive, can kill others when you are drunk. But we won’t talk about that.

I could go on and on about pharmaceuticals but that would take a lifetime to address!

My premise of “What is True and What is False?” to recap, is about finding out for yourself what is really true and false. Why pay more for stuff that makes no difference in your life and is being pushed by self-serving individuals and companies? Why go through life letting others push their values on you? The one thing about our species is that each of us is unique! One size does not fit all of us! Why go through life like sheep of a herd? All you have to do is drive on any highway or street and the people drive is herds, bumper to bumper and that’s why we have multiple car accidents. Why? Get out of the herd and be your own person! Start today and you will be happier and richer I bet!


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