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State of Marketing today by DocFred

July 1st, 2017 | Posted by Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky, CMCP in business development | causes | company performance | marketing | self-esteem | self-help | Social Media | Uncategorized

I don’t know about you but I really get steamed how marketing companies present products and services to us on the TV, radio, and the internet. I don’t usually write stuff like this but I dislike when people talk down to me and others.

That is exactly what marketing companies are doing with the way they present products and services. Instead of informing us, they talk to us like we are uneducated, dumb, or little kids.

Let me give you some examples without naming names:

  • Just about every third commercial in or on whatever medium it appears, has to start with some dramatic story. You don’t know who it is for or what the product or service is until the very last part of the presentation. That is supposed to make us view or read all of it to find out. It is presented like the audiences are morons with IQs of shoe sizes. Not only that. The story has absolutely nothing to do with the product or service. DUH!
  • Then there are the commercials that start like we are stupid, too stupid to understand what they are talking about. So, the patter is written for little kids. Talk about dummying down the world!
  • Then there are the commercials where the actors and actress act like morons and the whole commercial’s premise is ridiculous, too stupid to begin with e.g. one opens with a kid cutting the hair on dolls and starts to cut the hair on his sister. It cuts to the mother who is horrified. So what is her response? She gets some product to clean up the mess. She is walking around the house in high heels. Really? She doesn’t stop junior cutting but just cleans? Do you know of any woman who walks around her house cleaning in high heels? Gimme a break!
  • Just about all car commercials have the same premise- we are too stupid to know the so called lower prices are BS. When you try to buy the car at the low price, they never have one they advertised. They always try to sell you up. All those low prices are actually “Leases”. That is skipped by so fast in the ads or the lettering is so small, you didn’t hear it or can read it. Some are giving away all kinds of crap that is supposedly free when you buy the car. Really??!! You better know whatever they are giving away free, the cost is part of the sale to you. Nothing is free at car dealers.
  • The other thing is the noisy so called music or sounds with the ads on TV and radio. online its the blinking and loud overlays with annoying sounds or music. They are loud, raucous, annoying for the ears and just plain irritating. They think they need to get your attention. I am sure you are like me, you mute the noise and that’s the end of the ad.

I could go in and on but you get the message.

I took marketing in college at 3 different levels. I never learned to treat the audience as fools, morons, uneducated, or little kids. Yes, you have to know your audience! But who do these marketing companies think we are? I don’t like being treated like a fool, moron, uneducated, or a little kid. Do you?

If you agree with me, the only way to change things is stop buying the products or services and let the company presidents know how you feel. My late mother-in-law did just that. Maybe she didn’t get a lot changed but she felt so much better!

Try it sometime! Do you agree with any of this?


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