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Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky is a Certified Master Life and Career Coach, and Emily Award winning Host of Visions of Success Talk Radio. With Over 45+ years of business experience in multi-disciplinary consulting, both internally and externally, in 6 countries; USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, India, and China and in the last 18 years alone, coaching and training over 1000+  individuals, at all levels, to success and peak performance. His blog has over 38,000+ regular readers and growing.

We all know that come next year whoever is the President of the USA, that individual will give a State of the Union address- where are we and where are we going to go. I propose we all do a “State of You” progress report about yourselves today and make sure we keep revising it as we go along in life. Our “State of You” progress report will give us not only direction but motivation and inspiration to achieve the kind of success we all crave to Make a Difference in this World and know we matter.

I know it is really difficult to look in the mirror and ask who am I, what am I doing in my life, how can I do it better, what is holding me back?

These are tough questions and if you are not really honest with yourself, you are wasting your own time and life. Without a written plan to refer to daily, you will not succeed in life.

In all my 45 years of managing and coaching people I never meet anyone who woke up in the morning and said, “How can I screw up the world today”? Now maybe I have been lucky but I have really never met anyone like that. But maybe because I never looked for anyone like that or treated anyone like a loser in my life. I have always believed that everyone wants to be successful and know others care about them as they care about others. Maybe that is Pollyanna but I’ll live with it!

What I am talking about is more than just being optimistic but living your dreams, wants, and desires in such a manner that others want to be and work with you and for you and along side of you. It is about building lasting relationships whether at work, at home, or at play.

Let’s take a moment to look around our world. It appears there is chaos and hate all around. But that is only what you may want to see and hear being inundated with social media, internet, TV and radio as seen by others trying to get headlines. The question is “What is important to you”? How are you going to go about your day today, tomorrow, and going forward in the future. If it is doom and gloom you believe, that’s what it will be. YOU DO CONTROL YOUR LIFE! TAKE CONTROL!

How do we start?

Have you ever seen an Olympic downhill skier? Before they make their run, you see them with their eyes closed and visioning the run in their mind. You see their bodies moving like they are on the run. They are envisioning the path, the road to success. Then they take off.

Now, I want each of you to close your eyes and envision your life going forward-positive, happy, motivated, and inspired, with hundreds of friends, relatives, co-workers, clients, and colleagues beside you and with you all moving toward a fantastic life and happiness. Sure it sounds great and rather naïve but only you can make it happen.

Once you have the picture in your mind, take a piece of paper and write it all down-what you envisioned. This is your starting point. Just write down your dreams, hopes, desires, and your vision of success. Nothing else at this point.

Now think about, ask for assistance from trusted people or a coach, one total objective statement that sums up your pictured vision. It should be no more than 2-3 sentences. Too long and you’ll struggle going forward with too much detail.

Now think about, ask for assistance from trusted people or a coach, no more than 3-5 steps how you believe you can achieve the objective statement. Don’t question how you are going to do the steps or cost as yet-just write down the steps you believe you’ll need to do to accomplish those steps.

You now have your vision, your objective statement, and 3-5 steps to achieve written down and reviewed by your trust people. All of you involved must be objective, positive and no judging anything in any way like the cost and such. This is your vision of success!

Now you can begin by figuring out with assistance how you are going to achieve everything you’ve written down. This takes time. Don’t try to do it in one sitting. Take each step one at a time, write down everything. Do some research if you have to. Go away and come back to it another day and review. Make sure you going to toward “Your State of You”.

Once you have the plan, set milestones and dates for completion of each step adding in dates for review and changes as needed. Make sure your trusted people are there to assist you. Those milestones and date must be reasonable, and achievable. Don’t shoot for the moon but be down to earth. A little at a time really works. What’s the rush?

Your “State of You” can be accomplished in 6 months or less depending on your motivation and support. Your “State of You” has to be sure not to let the world around you detract from your progress going forward.

You can only control what is within your ability and reach. No one person can change the world around us without others assisting us. Ask for help as needed.

You must start this process with yourself first. I guarantee, from my experience, once you have yourself going forward, others around you and with you will be affected positively. That is where the relationships come in. People like and flock to positive, successful people and shun negative influences.

I could go on and on but won’t.

Start creating “Your State of You” today. Identify those who can help you.

Want more assistance? Go to my website and go to my Contact page. Your only cost is your time and a new relationship. Let’s get to know one another and share ideas. Maybe I can assist you in getting started.

You are in control of “Your State of You” only if you want to! Get cracking!

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