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5 tips for small businesses

Tip #1: Know your audience/customers. Shot-gunning emails and cold calls to numerous people usually never works. People won’t buy if they don’t know you and trust you first. Build a relationship first.

Tip #2: Listening Effectively and start to build that relationship. If you are doing all the talking you can’t know what your customers/clients needs, wants, and desires are. Ask open-ended questions-questions that need more than one word answers. Take notes as they talk to you (of course ask if they don’t mind you writing things down first).

Tip #3: Verify what your thought you heard. Make sure you heard correctly what they told you. Again use open-ended questions.

Tip #4: Suggest solutions and ask what they think. NEVER TRY TO SELL THEM AS YET. If you have done your job well, they will tell you what they want.

Tip #5: Yes or No, don’t take the outcome personally. If you sold, finalize the transaction and make sure you follow-up very soon after the sale. People love people who care about them! BUILD THAT RELATIONSHIP. If you didn’t sell ask why. If it is not a good time, try to reschedule for another time. Don’t be pushy just ask. Always ask for referrals.

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