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Join Catherine Walters with Roger Laidig, and Dr. Fred(DocFred) Simkovsky and many more experts for the Joyful You Summit

Could we ask you to take a short pause? Now… imagine a life filled with joy and happiness. What would that look like? Better yet, how does it make you feel?

Unfortunately, if you’re like most people we work with or see on the street, you go from one thing on your ‘to do’ list to the next, always giving to others. This leaves little time or energy to reflect on what your life would be like if you felt more joy, happiness and vitality, never mind having more time to relax and have fun.

Instead maybe…

  • You’re stressed to the max and your usual ways of releasing tension aren’t providing the relief and relaxation you need.
  • You feel alone, down, maybe even depressed and so you numb the emptiness you feel, and yet your ‘fix’ of choice isn’t healthy or isn’t working anymore.
  • You’re feeling dissatisfied or frustrated with your job, health or relationships but don’t have clear ideas about what’s next.
  • And the list goes on and on and on!

Sound familiar?

What if you could discover ways to release stress, negativity and feeling overwhelmed, especially when life throws you a curve ball?

What if you could start creating a life filled with more joy, happiness, vitality, fun and even play?

Well you can, and it’s completely FREE!

Listen to our Summit beginning:

Monday, April 4th thru April 19

Register now for the Joyful You Summit



Register now for the Joyful You Summit at

We have joined with Catherine Walters, host of an upcoming video series called Joyful You, in a discussion of the numerous ways life can be challenging and stressful and the tools and techniques to create a life and lifestyle of JOY.

A life filled with more joy, happiness, vitality and fun is possible.

Click either here: or

to make your life the life of joy you deserve and be a Joyful You!

Monday April 18th: Roger Laidig’s interview goes live


Tuesday April 19th: Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky’s interview goes live


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