Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges


51 years ago I was sitting in the student lounge between classes at Hunter College in NYC. It was terribly crowded.

This girl comes in with her girlfriend and standing next to me, she says, “If someone was a gentleman, he’d give me his seat”. I looked up and saw the girl, looking pretty good, so I said, “You can sit right here honey” patting my lap.

She actually sat down on my lap to my surprise. Of course we are both from Brooklyn, NY, so this really wasn’t out of the ordinary. New Yorkers are rather brash. That’s how Catherine met Fred.

I invited her to a school dance. We went and kept seeing each other. Our love grew.

I went into the Army from 1966-1969 and was in Korea for 17 months and such but she wrote me every day from day one. The other guys hated me for all that mail. During my hitch, I came home on leave from Korea and we got married but I had to go back to end my time there.

To make a long 51 year story shorter:

This year September 2016, we shall celebrate 48 years together. Through the lean times, the tough times, the illnesses and excellent times, after 4 kids and fifteen grandchildren we are going strong.

Love sometimes just happens but you need to make the most of it. I had to learn to live with another person as she did. But I learned because after any argument, I have the last words “Yes Dear”!

Learn that guys and you’ll be successful also.

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