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I’ve have delivered training and development to over 10,000+ individuals in the last 30 years and accomplished life and career coaching to over 1,000+ individuals, all in 6 different countries. Our first conversions with new individuals I would be coaching always started with my one question, “Why do you believe you need a coach?”

The answer I always get is I need to help them because of their woes over the past years and how nothing they do is working and how people around them just don’t help them and on and on and on. Once they have finished venting, I tell them that “It’s Really Not about YOU!” Of course, they say “What do you mean?”

I explain that we live in a world where finding someone else to blame for our woes is the norm. I tell them again, what goes on around you and what you think happens to you or not for you is really not about you personally. Life happens. So this is where we go from here.

It’s about taking responsibility for yourself alone! Example: my youngest son when he was really little was caught on the kitchen floor in front of the frig with the door open and chocolate frosting all around his mouth from the cake that was in the frig. We asked him what he was doing. He said his older brother made him eat the cake. His older brother wasn’t even awake and out of bed. Got the message?

Forget about the blame game. Who cares! The real questions are for your direction in your life and career:

  • What is your passion? What do you really love doing and are really good at?
  • This is the really important question: How can I utilize my passion, skills, talent, knowledge, and experience to make a difference in other people lives?

Your success, in whatever you do in your life and career, is really about how you contribute to the world around you and others. No one really goes through life alone. You are only alone if you isolate yourself. You affect people around you and the world you live in. You have to decide how I want to affect others and the world. You need to understand that when you make a real difference, success finds you and you don’t have to chase it.

I’ll use my experience to share with you.

About 4 years ago I came to a time in my life when I had to decide my direction for the rest of the life. I asked myself the 2 questions:

  • What is your passion? What do you really love doing and are really good at?
  • This is the really important question: How can I utilize my passion, skills, talent, knowledge, and experience to make a difference in other peoples’ lives?

I happened to meet Raven Blair Glover, owner of the Amazing Women and Men of Power Network, and she helped me to find that direction. Through her coaching and mentoring I created my direction, this talk show.

  • I decided I wanted to assist others to success. I needed my talk show title. Using my passion for training and development, I created Visions of Success Talk Radio. The place to go for inspiration, motivation, and shared experiences for success.
  • My objective became “Make a Different in this World and Know You Matter”
  • Based on these 2 answers I created my plan. I wrote the plan down.

I implemented the plan and check my written plan daily to analyze how I contributed to my success each day.

When I realized “It’s Really Not about YOU, I understood it is about my relationships with the world and others around me. It’s about how do I affect others and the world around me.

So what has been my success? My Visions of Success talk radio show is a 3 time, 5 star hit reaching over 4+ million weekly listeners in 142 countries and growing. I am contributing to the Amazing Women and Men of Power Network. As it is more successful daily, I am more successful daily.

I can’t begin to tell you how many emails I get daily about how listening to my show has made big differences in peoples’ lives. That’s what life is all about- “Making a Different in this World and then you’ll Know You Matter”.

Also understand I don’t do this alone. I have had and continue to get great guests who share their passions, knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences with my audiences. My guests, over 4 years on my once weekly show, number over 60+ and growing. They find me because they want to make their difference in the world.

So this is what I would suggest right now:

Go to my website

Read through the pages. Listen to my shows archives. Then go to the top menu and click on Contact on the top right. Use my link there on the page to schedule a get-to-know-you call and let’s talk! It won’t cost you anything but some time.

Let’s talk real soon!

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