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We all talk about managing our time and then we proceed to really manage our time poorly. We get interruptions, urgent phone calls, and the usual crises going on all day and get very little of what needs to be done accomplished. Let’s look at how to manage your time efficiently.

Managing your time allows you to:

  1. Accomplish more in less time
  2. Helps spend your time on more important things rather than on what is only urgent
  3. Provides more time for thinking creatively about your job and work with less stress
  4. Allows you to spend more quality time with your manager and co-workers
  5. Increases the time you have for self-development
  6. It enables you to take control of your life!

The Reasons for Time Management Problems fall into 5 categories:

  1. System Down Time
  2. Co-Worker Interruptions
  3. Telephone Interruptions
  4. Paper work you keep putting off
  5. Email- junk and otherwise

What are the Symptoms of poor time management?

  1. Not accepting responsibility for those things we can do something about-not taking initiative
  2. Ineffective Communication
  3. Lack of Planning
  4. Allowing Interruptions to occur and not controlling them
  5. Unable to say “No”
  6. Lack of awareness of how you spend your time

Where to start?

Being making a time log, in 15 minute increments, as to what you do each day. Complete it each day for a week. Do a week at the beginning and end of month. These times differ in what you do. Then analyze the logs and group types of activities. You’ll soon know where you are spending most of your time. That’s the start. You should find that your time is spent in the 5 categories I mentioned earlier.

Next, make a plan as to how you are going to control each type of activity.

Lastly, put the plan into action! Don’t procrastinate! Do it daily and review your progress!

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