Simple Solutions for Complex Challenges


Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky of in conjunction with Ann (Elizabeth) Burnett of, with over 70 years of experience between the two, are proud to announce their CD release

Your Success Made Easy

Our Promise to you: You are going to learn-

  1. Why you are having challenges making the right things happen for you?
  2. The simple methods to turn your Life and Career around.
  3. Those secrets when practiced are so easy you’ll say “Why didn’t I think of that”!

Why should you purchase this CD?

1-      Are you unhappy with your situation in your life and/or career?

2-      Not sure how to change your direction?

3-      Experiencing a lot of stress and sleepless nights?

What you get on the CD:

4-      You’ll get 17 discussions from DocFred’s talk show Visions of Success to listen to with all the tricks and tips, and ideas you can ever imagine from people like yourself who have been there and done that and found something better. (The show is listened to by over 4.7+ million nationally & internationally and growing in 157 countries, a 3 of 5 star hit, no one gets 5 stars. DocFred has been voted the Host of the Year 2013 on the network).

5-      Forms to assist you in reaching your success.

6-      Our hotline to assist you when you get stuck or need assistance

Your Success made easy will address all these concerns and turn your life and career around almost immediately when you start to practice our guidance, suggestions, tricks and tips. These methods are so easy you’ll amaze yourself with your newly found skills. These are no step-by-step instructions but helping you obtain the understanding and knowledge you already have but not using effectively.

If you purchase our CD, you’ll automatically qualify for our Free Bonus worth $180

Free Bonus :

  • 1 hour of personal coaching (value $80) from –DocFred to consist of
  •             i.      Where are you today, want to be tomorrow, and want to be 6 months to 1 year from now?
  •             ii.      Reviewing your personal mission statement and discuss how to make it work?
  •            iii.      How to create and utilize an effective 30 second elevator speech?
  • Your recorded 30 minute Interview/promo package on Visions of Success Talk Radio (value $100) to introduce yourself to over 3.5 million listeners on our network, both nationally and internationally
  • Two- 30  second promo ads(a $60 value) highlighting you- aired during your interview and again the following week on our show as one of our sponsors
  • Your interview put on  our website
  • You receive a mp3 copy of your interview to use as you wish except selling it

In Addition:

  • A private 1 Hour conversation with Ann Elizabeth Burnett ($100 value)
  • Ann will discuss with you “Dress For Success”. Presenting yourself appropriately at an interview.
  •         i.      What to Wear
  •         ii.      What NOT to Wear
  •        iii.      Top 10 No No’s!
  •        iv.      Top 10 Don’t Forgets!
  •        v.   Show your interview suit/outfit to Elizabeth over Skype and more.

Your Total Price with no hidden additional costs: $29.99

How to get the CD?

Send us your name, mailing address in an email with a legitimate email address to Subject  “Send My CD”. We’ll email you an invoice. Once paid, we’ll ship the CD.

Any questions: contact Dr. Fred (DocFred) Simkovsky,

Note: We are asking you to pay this way to protect your finances. We don’t want you to input your personal financial information for us to see or hackers to grab. You’ll not go on any spammer’s list nor will your email address be use for any other reason but to purchase this CD and qualify for our Bonus Prize. Our protected payment service will handle your payment confidentially and safely.

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